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Developing the strategy for your PR

Agera PR is happy to help you develop your PR strategy. We are a PR agency that has a lot of strategic experience, producing everything from entire communication strategies for major companies to more focused strategies for a new project or a new product.

Do you need a PR strategy, a communication strategy or a social media strategy? The choice will mostly depend on your needs, i.e. where you have strategic uncertainty. You might have been working more on an ad hoc basis than strategically, or the media landscape might simply have changed since you last carried out strategic work.

Our strategy development model

We use a model for an effective communication strategy that we call the real-time strategy. This has a short start phase combined with continual updates. The benefits you gain are proximity to the market and the organisation, and rapid implementation.

In the current climate you cannot develop a strategy and then leave it alone for five years. Instead we recommend regular workshops and regular market monitoring, followed by a revision of the strategy. To put it simply, you need to continually analyse the market and the brand.

This strategy development method sets us apart from many other PR agencies and communication agencies, making the PR strategy more agile and relevant.

Our strategic strength

In practice, we hold workshops and research your market, competitors and the way the media covers your sector. Using the information we obtain, we develop a strategy that we establish with you.

There are many benefits to this:

  • – We base it on extensive research, where we use the market and your target groups as the basis for the strategy, making it relevant both internally and externally.
  • – We perform quick and cost-effective work.
  • – We focus on the idea that the strategy must be able to be used in practice, so it has to be easy to understand and remember.

The strength of this model is that it is effective at developing the PR strategy that is perfect for your organisation and that can be used to influence. It is also designed to be updated regularly – so it is viable for a longer period of time.

Would you like to know more about our strategy development model?

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