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Social media and PR

Agera PR is a PR agency that specialises in social media. We are a full-service agency and can take responsibility for your social media channels – or we can be a partner in areas where you need support.

A social media strategy is a good way to start our work together. In this strategy we determine the messages, the tone and the relationship with the target groups that we want to have. We also look at how your own influencers and external influencers can be used to get your communication across and how we can create engagement among the people we communicate with.

From the very latest PR channels for B2B

We are experienced in all social media channels; not just Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, but also more niche and newer channels. What is more unusual is our extensive experience of B2B communication in social media, primarily through LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

As a result, we not only work with the social media accounts of the company and the brands, but also the accounts of internal key people who can be profiled and build networks. We work, of course, with different kinds of influencers as well.

Agera PR is designed as a network, so we work closely with creative experts of, for example, images and videoswho can produce the content we need. Podcasts are naturally something we work with too.

Your own channels

A PR agency can help you with the channels you own, such as your website and internal communication channels. We can also create strategies, project manage and create content for these channels.

The material we produce for social media can often be used for these channels as well, particularly to make them more inviting and engaging.

Creativity and engagement

We therefore produce creative content for channels that are linked to the brand or key people at the company. We also work with influencers to generate content in order to create PR through their channels.

This ensures that we can nurture and build engagementin your channels. We can work both in the long term to increase the impact of your channels, and in the short term to manage the reactions we get back from the people we communicate with.

This also enables us to manage any negative contacts and crises in social media.

From strategy to implementation

There are many benefits to hiring us as a PR agency for social media We are both creative and effective, with an impressive track record that we would be happy to tell you more about.

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