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Media Relations

A PR agency that generates media attention

Agera PR helps with both practical media contacts and developing a strategy that will be at the heart of making a good impact in the media. The aim is to create a more positive image of a company or brand through successful publicity in the media. This could involve strengthening awareness of the brand among the target groups, introducing a new product or influencing the way people view a specific issue.

We have done everything from getting one million Swedes to change their diet to introducing a brand new and previously unknown type of electronic device. Not to mention the number of completely new brands we have brought to the attention of the general public..

We are not afraid of hard work

As a PR agency, we do what is required to make the media decide to write about you We start by coming up with creative ideas, aiming to find messages that are both important for the client and that interest the media.

Our methods for media relations include, for example, press releases, journalists interviewing our customers and opinion articles. This involves producing text and images, and handling personal contacts with journalists on your behalf. We are a well-established agency, giving us an in-depth understanding of which media we should contact with your material.

Our work results in greater editorial content about you in the media. But this is not just any content; we set clear goals about the kind of publicity we want to generate.

PR advice and crisis management

We work a lot on giving advice and training to our customers in media contacts, for example, by providing media training and courses to help companies improve their press work.

We also work with crisis management. It is, of course, better if we can step in before you are pressed by the media and work preventatively to avoid crises from happening. If the big reveal has already happened or is in the pipeline, we can instead use tried and tested methods to prevent the situation from getting any worse.

How does getting help with your media contacts benefit you?

Many companies and operations have their own communication managers, marketing managers or press department. But there are not many people who work with media contacts every single day – which is what we do. This is why we know how the media works and what they are interested in finding out about you.

Som PR-byrå med gedigen erfarenhet inom medierelationer kan vi hjälpa er hitta nyheterna och berättelserna som både intresserar medierna och hjälper er på marknaden. We are more effective and can achieve better results than most operations can achieve by themselves.

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