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PR is about carving out your message, finding your arguments, and promoting both through the press and across social media. This is how we convince target audiences.

In terms of communication/advertising, we work more with form and concept, finding what is cool, interesting and eye-catching.

But of course no-one believes that it’s enough to work on just one aspect. That kind of thing worked reasonably well in a bygone age when journalists and other influencers were strictly separated from print advertising. If even then.

Social media and the printed press have changed the most. Nowadays, PR agencies have to work with form, and advertisers have to find convincing arguments.

Does one win over the other? If you find someone making that claim, they are wrong. Coca-Cola can make the coolest adverts ever known, but if I’ve read in the paper that sugar is bad for me, then I’m still going to choose a different drink when shopping. That is: I have heard an argument for why I shouldn’t buy a sugary drink.

As many of us know, we buy things purely because they’re cool. Because the advert is clever. The packaging. The clothes we’ve seen an attractive person wearing.

This is harder for PR agencies to work with, but we do have the right tools at our disposal. Get in touch with us to find out more.