Our services

Agera PR is a public relations agency aiming to improve and strengthen relationships with our clients' stakeholders. We work with PR strategy as well as media relations and social media services, always focusing on getting results.

PR-tjänster PR-byrå
We specialise in PR, primarily through the media as well as social media. Our goal is to help you increase your sales, build your brand and have a greater influence on your target groups. 

What we offer

- Media relations
Powerful and effective online media, print, radio and TV presence through interviews, press meetings, opinion articles.

- Social media
We run your social media channels, building and maintaining the community. 

- PR strategy
Analysing and advising on your communication strategy and tactics.

- Media analysis
Monitoring how your company and your industry are perceived in the media.

- Media training
Agera PR has experts who can improve your media handling skills.

- Crisis management
Preparing for an upcoming or handling a present crisis and advising on how to manage it.




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