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Customer stories

In this section we give you some examples of the work we have been doing with our clients.

From unknown to established in two years

This IT company needed to be seen and noticed to make them more widely known on the market.

This is a story of an American IT company that had recently set up in Sweden and needed to establish itself on the market. Agera PR has been working with them for more than five years now and they have gone from being three employees in one room to becoming the largest company in their niche on the market.

They actually had everything going for them. Everyone seemed to agree that they had a fantastic product that was much better than those of their competitors.

But they faced many major challenges:
– Potential customers were not even evaluating the company’s product. As no-one knew who they were, customers did not want to listen. – Although they clearly have a great product, it is difficult to explain the benefits to someone who is not technically-minded.
– The company does not produce a lot of news items itself; everything had to be published or reworked by us at the PR agency.
– The company does not produce a lot of news items itself; everything had to be published or reworked by us at the PR agency.

Agera’s strategy

To raise awareness, the main priority was to be seen and noticed. We focused on:
– Investing in a top list of the 30 most important media outlets, primarily business media and technology media. Making sure we had repeated publicity in them.
– Using existing trends. Spreading knowledge, finding new perspectives and commenting on other people’s news.
– Working on dissemination in the employees’ social media channels. Providing easy-to-use updates and highlighting successful examples.


When Agera PR started working with the company, there was no publicity about them at all. After working with them in a focused way for a year, we achieved:
– An average of 20 publications per month in the top media.
– More publicity reaffirming their core message.
– We also had regular enquiries from the media.


The target group now knows about the company and its products What is even more important is that their view of the industry and what is important has had an impact. It is now rare for them not to be considered for a procurement.

However, the most important result for our customer is that sales have increased, and they have now grown to become one of the biggest companies in the sector.

PR that created a trend for a brand new type of product

Imagine you have a type of product that no-one knows about How do you convince them? How do you convince them?

The answer is the same as it was for our customer; a company that produces playgrounds and park equipment that wanted to invest in outdoor gyms and activity sites for the elderly. Not only was this a new segment for our customer, but there was no demand for this kind of equipment on the market.


When you want to get people to buy something, one potential and effective route is often to create the feeling that “everyone is buying it”. Our communication surrounding a new product should therefore be based on quickly building up momentum; a feeling that things are happening right now.

We therefore decided to use both a broad strategy and a focused strategy. The target groups were the general public as well as architects, real estate companies and politicians.


The broad strategy comprised creating publicity about this new trend of building outdoor gyms and activity sites for the elderly. Using the very first site, located in a suburb in Stockholm, we started to canvas the national media. We soon had publicity in:

– Rapport

– Dagens Nyheter

– Aftonbladet

– Expressen/GT

– Svenska Dagbladet

– SVT’s regional news

The features and articles included interviews with our customer, normally alongside the person in charge from the district council.

This generated awareness among the public, but more importantly it made the decision-makers, the potential buyers, aware of the product.

This is when we put the more focused part of our strategy into action. For this, we targeted architects, landlords and construction companies, and presented the new products primarily through the industry media. We disseminated the news gradually to achieve a ripple effect. In some cases we also contacted pressure groups directly, for example, pensioner organisations.


The results were that the general public became aware of this product. Politicians and civil servants also saw an opportunity to invest in public health. Architects and real estate companies became involved in what had now become a real trend.

We calculated what the return on investment was for this In the first year we generated media coverage that was worth many times the amount of money we had invested. Contact us for a more detailed calculation.

However, the most important result for our customer is: sales quickly shot through the roof and now there are dozens of these facilities around Sweden.

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