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About us

About Agera PR

Agera Public Relations is a PR agency that focuses on the customers’ needs for good relationships with the media, the target groups and the market. Our focus is on media relations and social media – and strategies that ensure effective communication.

Our focus is on media relations and social media – and strategies that ensure effective communication. We work extensively on offering advice and developing strategies using our expert knowledge of media relations and social media. We can also work reactively to manage crises or communication developments.

We are particularly skilled at…

…delivering results based on predefined KPIs. We work with our clients to determine what would actually make a difference. We base this not only on the number of publications, but also on actual engagement and the quality of the content. And we make sure we reach the right target groups.

…finding creative and functional ideas and stories that are interesting to the market and the media, and that work in social media channels. This could mean, for example, introducing new communication concepts that change the discussion in the media and social channels. It can also be about finding creative, fun angles that simply generate great media attention.

…PR services throughout the Nordic region. Although we are mostly a Swedish PR agency, we currently have project groups working in Norway, Denmark and Finland as well.

PR network for the whole of the Nordic region – and with a global network

We have our base and offices in Stockholm, as this is where most Swedish editorial offices are located. We work throughout the Nordic region with our network of PR consultants in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

We are members of Code Red, a network of PR agencies that works with companies in security.

We are also members of GlobalCom PR Network, a worldwide group of like-minded PR and marketing communications consultancies – 80 partners and affiliated agencies work across 60 countries worldwide in Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

PR since 2007

Agera PR was founded in 2007 – and many customers have remained with us from these early years. This is mostly because we invest in long-term partnerships where we can make a difference over time. We work with everything from retainer assignments to individual projects; it all depends on what the client needs.

Our project managers have extensive experience and in-depth industry knowledge. The contact person for new clients is Michael Falk, who started Agera PR and has been working in PR for more than 20 years.

Specialist knowledge in technology and construction/real estate

We have extensive experience of the following sectors in particular:

  • – Technology and IT, both B2B (e.g. Hewlett Packard Enterprise) and consumer electronics (Philips and Zyxel)
  • – Construction, real estate and architecture (Svevia and Solarwatt)

We also boast good references in energy, finance and industry.



Some of our clients

Vi som jobbar på Agera PR

Michael Falk

Michael Falk

Projektledare och kontaktperson

Torbjörn Johansson

Torbjörn Johansson


Fredrik Wallner

Fredrik Wallner


Rebecka Hope Berglund

Rebecka Hope Berglund


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